Monday, June 17, 2013

"My Sticker Sheet" (Homework Incentive)

Homework/home learning is always a challenge.  Every year I know that if I can win the battle with homework and independent reading, my students will make significant learning gains.  One way I like to motivate them is by giving them an incentive for A+ effort.  When students complete a homework assignment and get 100% right, they earn a sticker.  That sticker goes on their sticker sheet.  Once the sheet is filled with 15 stickers, they will earn a homework pass that is good for one homework assignment only.  This motivates children to do their work and review it before coming to school.  Children take much more pride in their homework ever since I started using this tool.

This is great motivation for struggling learners also.  It may take them a little longer to complete the sheet, but when they do I make a big deal and the whole class celebrates.  In fact, we celebrate every time someone earns a pass.  In addition, I have a special treat for those who complete 10 sheets.  They receive 5 passes.  I usually have only one or two students reach that level and they're usually the ones that can miss a few assignments anyway.

The only caveat is you must have plenty of stickers.  I usually use roughly 50-75 stickers per student per year.  You may opt to use a special stamp instead.

Remember to have students write their name (preferably in pen) before you give them the pass.  Also, I like to sign the sheet so I know that I have given that child a homework pass already.  I ask students to show me their previous completed sheets so I can check that they haven't removed any stickers from another sheet and placed it there.

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